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Business Hours for English-speaking


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Treatment Fee

Procedures Fees including tax (JPY)
General dentistry Initial Exam (Comprehensive) 6,480
Dental x-ray 650
Panoramic x-ray 4,320
Check-up and cleaning(with Panoramic x-ray) 12,960
Recall Exam 6,480
Recall Exam with Scaling (Adult) 10,800
Recall Exam with Scaling (Children) 8,640
Children’s Exam 5,400
Prophylaxis child with fluoride 5,400
Composite filling Composite Filling(tooth colored fillings) 10,800
Root canal Root Canal Therapy 16,250~54,000
Gum care Periodontal Recall 16,250
Periodontal Surgery 43,200
Root Planing 1 tooth 2,160
Extractions Extraction(simple or incisor) 10,800
Extraction(complex) 32,400
Extraction(Soft Tissue Impaction) 43,200
Extraction(Full Bony Impaction) 54,000
Denture Partial Denture 216,000~
Full Denture 324,000

Cosmetic dentistry

Implant Dental Implant (Surgery Only) 216,000
Whitening Whitening 43,200
Inlay&Crowns Metal Inlay 27,000
Ceramic Inlay 48,600
Metal Crown 43,200
All Ceramic Crown 108,000
Gold Inlay 64,800
Gold Crown 86,400
Emergency Emergency Fee 5,400
Splint Night Guard/Occlusal Splint 21,600


Payment Method

JPY Cash
Credit Card – visa. master. amex